Accessing API history

To monitor the list of API endpoints used to generate test data, you can access the API History page.

Before you begin

You must have a project.

About this task

HCL OneTest Data utilizes some sets of API endpoints to generate test data in a project. When you initiate test data generation, the API endpoints are stored as history. From the API History page, you can get information about those API endpoints used during test data generation. The API History page also displays the list of API endpoints that are used to download the generated test data. The details of API endpoints are helpful when the generation of any test data fails.

You can perform a quick search for the API endpoints based on the name of the API endpoint or the date range by selecting the From and To dates. If the To field is blank, you can view the results till the most recent date.

You can also use Swagger to access the API endpoints. You can use the following URL to access API endpoints through Swagger:

https://<OneTest Server Host>/onetest-data/v1/docs/


  1. Select your project in HCL OneTest Server and go to the Data Fabrication page.
  2. Click the API History tab.
    The API History page appears with a list of all the API endpoints grouped by dates.

    You can also explore the API History page after generating the test data.

  3. Click the down arrow to find more details about the selected API endpoint.


You have successfully accessed the API History page.