Setting regular expressions

When you want values of an item type to appear in a certain pattern in the generated test data, you must set the Regular Expression property for that item type in a defined schema.

Before you begin

  • You must have logged in to HCL OneTest Server.
  • You must have created a project and a schema.

About this task

The regular expression is a special text to describe a pattern. For example, you can specify regular expressions for email address, phone number, or website. HCL OneTest Data provides you some sample regular expressions.

To set regular expressions to any item type, you can either insert a value or select from the sample list of regular expressions that best suits your testing requirements. HCL OneTest Data then validates the value you inserted for the Regular Expression field and generates the values of the selected item type in a similar pattern.


  1. Select your project in HCL OneTest Server and go to the Data Fabrication page.
  2. Open your schema from the Schemas tab.
  3. Select the item type for which you want to set regular expressions.
  4. Click the Advanced Properties icon -.
  5. Click Regular Expression.

    The sample list of regular expressions is displayed.

  6. Set the regular expression in the Regular Expressions field by using any one of the following methods:
    • Type the regular expression. HCL OneTest Data then validates the regular expression.

      For example, [0-9]{18}

      Tip: If you want to reuse the validated regular expression then click Add to sample list, to add the expression in the list.
    • Select the regular expression from the sample list. The selected regular expression is displayed in the Regular Expressions field.
  7. Click Save.


You have successfully set the regular expression for the selected item type.

What to do next

You must prepare the structural view of the schema. See Designing a structural view of the schema.