Error and warning messages

Analysis results might contain error and warning messages.

Warnings are relatively insignificant. They indicate an inconsistency that occurred when you changed something in the tree that was resolved. For example, if you change a group to an item, the analyzer removes the components of that type because items do not have components. To remind you of this change, the analyzer issues a warning.

Errors are important. An error is a problem in your type definitions that you should correct. An error may result in unpredictable results in your mapping.

Occasionally there are errors that prevent the analysis of the rest of your definitions (for example, when a component type cannot be found in the tree). Analysis halted before completion is displayed. This error might be due to one of the following:

  • Undefined COMPONENT found: ending analysis.
  • Circular reference found in COMPONENT list: ending analysis.

When this occurs, correct the errors and analyze the tree again.