Working with projects

After you log in to HCL OneTest Server, you must have a project to perform the test activities. To work with projects, you must create and configure projects.

Before you begin

You must have logged into HCL OneTest Server.


  1. Go to the Projects page from the Home page of the initial Team Space. See Viewing projects.
  2. Add a project. See Adding a project.
  3. Add a repository. See Adding a repository to a Team Space.
  4. Add secrets in secrets collections. See Secrets configuration.
  5. Encrypt the data set resources. See Data security.
  6. Configure a change management system. See Change management system.
  7. Add members to a project and configure their roles. See Adding users to a server project.
  8. View the test assets or resources maintained in the repositories. See Test resource access by using the global branch
  9. Perform the following tasks based on the type of test assets or resources that you want to run:
    1. Add agents to your project, if you are using remote agents as a location to run certain tests. See Adding an agent to a project.
    2. Add remote Dockers, if you are using a remote Docker host as a location to run tests. See Adding a remote Docker host to the project for running tests.
    3. Read the considerations that you must take into account before you configure a run or start a virtual service. See Prerequisites for running virtual services.
    4. Read the considerations that you must take into account before you configure a test run. See Prerequisites to running tests.
  10. Configure a run of the test asset or resource. See Test run configurations.
  11. View the progress of a test run. See Viewing the progress of running test assets.
  12. Manage a running test. See Management of running tests.
  13. View the results of a test run after the run is completed. See Test results.
  14. Review the test results and create defects for test runs from the Results page. See Creating Jira defects.


You have successfully performed all the tasks with the projects.