Becoming a project member

You might want to request to be a member of another project. New users without any projects might also want to be a member of an existing project.

About this task

As a project owner, you can add users to your public or private projects. All users can request to become a member of a public project.


  1. Request to be a member of another project. Search for the project that you want to join in the list of other projects from the project Home page. Click that Project card or the Key icon Key icon. Only public projects are visible in the list of projects.
  2. Confirm your request when prompted. If you agree, the project owner is notified. The project owner sees a pending request Notification icon on their Project card.

    Pending request notification on owners project card

    After opening the notification, the owner can see the user that is requesting access and can accept or decline it.

    If the project owner accepts your request, you are added as a member of the project with a Viewer role. A Viewer role is the default role assigned and is restricted to specific actions.

    You then see the project under My Projects on the Home page.

    If the project owner declines your request, follow up with the project owner.