Managing notifications

You might want to receive notifications about project tasks such as when a project is created, or you might want to limit the number of notifications that you receive.

About this task

You can manage what kind of notifications to receive by subscribing and unsubscribing to notifications.

Note: The default is that you are subscribed to all in-app notifications. To receive email notifications, a server administrator must configure HCL OneTest Server to connect to a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server. For more information about SMTP configuration, see the related links.


  1. Click the User icon Image of the User icon. from the menu bar, and select Notification Settings.

    The Notification Settings dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the national language that you want to use to receive notifications. The default is English.
  3. Subscribe or unsubscribe to specific notifications.

    Subscribe or unsubscribe to specific notifications

  4. Subscribe or unsubscribe from all notifications by using the Action menu icon Image of the Action menu icon.

    Subscribe or unsubscribe to all notification channels

  5. Apply the changes. If you cancel your changes, you return to the Notifications Settings dialog box.