Configuring a test for a quick run

You can configure any type of test to be run on HCL OneTest Server when you want to quickly ensure that the test runs correctly. You might not want to set the different options for the test nor want to schedule the run.

Before you begin

  • You must be a member of the project with the Owner or Tester role in the project to configure and run tests.
  • You must have read and completed the tasks mentioned in Prerequisites to running tests if they apply to the test you want to configure for a run.


  1. Open the project that contains the test assets or resources that you added from the Git repository, and then click Execution.
  2. Select the branch of the repository that contains the test assets or resources that you want to run.

    All test assets in the selected branch are displayed on the Execution page.

  3. Identify and select the test asset or resource that you want to run from the test assets listed.
  4. Click the Execute icon Image of the icon. in the row of the identified test asset.

    The Execute test asset dialog box is displayed.

  5. Select the version of the test resources that you want to run, if you want to run a different version other than the latest version.
  6. Select Now to initiate the test run immediately after you click Execute.
  7. Enter a label for the test run that helps you to identify the test on the Results page.

    After the test run completes, the label that you entered is displayed for the test under the Labels column on the Results page.

  8. Click Execute.
    The test run is initiated.


You have started a test run.

What to do next

You can choose to perform any of the following tasks: