Stopping a test run

You might want to stop a test run when you realized that you did not configure all the settings or you want to change a few settings for the test run.

Before you begin

You must have initiated a test run from the Execution page.

About this task

You can stop a running test from the Progress page by using the Stop execution icon Image of the stop execution icon.. You cannot stop the test run if the test has already completed its run.


  1. Go to the Progress page and identify the test that you want to stop.
    Note: You can stop a running test if it is in the In Transition or Running state.
  2. Click the Stop execution icon Image of the stop execution icon. in the Actions column of the selected test.

    The Stop execution dialog box is displayed.

  3. Set the timeout period for stopping the test run. Enter a numeric value and select the unit from the options available as Seconds, Minutes, or Hours.
    The time out period is the time during which the test run is allowed to stop on its own and after the timeout period, the test is forced to stop abruptly.
    Important: If the timeout period is not set, the default of 30 seconds is considered as the default timeout period.
  4. Keep the option Capture results selected, if you want the results to be captured for the test. The captured results for the test are available to view from the Results page. Clear this option if you do not want to capture the results.
    Note: The option Capture results is selected by default.
    Important: The results are always captured for API suites even if you clear the Capture results option.
  5. Keep the option Execute 'finally-block', if present selected, if you want the finally-block code in the test script, if present, to be run before the test run is stopped. Clear this option if you do not want to run the finally-block code in the test script.
    Note: The option Execute 'finally-block', if present is selected by default.
    Restriction: The tear-down steps equivalent to the 'finally-block' code, if present in API suites are not controllable at runtime. The Execute 'finally-block', if present option has no impact on API suites.
  6. Click Stop execution.
    A notification message is displayed that the test run is stopped successfully.
    Note: If the test run completes before you can configure the options for stopping the test run, a notification is displayed in the Stop execution dialog box that the test asset has completed its run.


You have successfully stopped a running test. The stopped test runs are displayed on the Progress page with the status as Stopped by User. Stopped tests are not considered in the count of tests executed that are displayed on the Overview page.

What to do next

You can re-initiate the test run from the Execution page by completing the configurations that you want for the test.

You can see the results or the execution log of the stopped test from the Actions column on the Progress page by clicking the Open action menu icon Image of the icon..