Monitoring a test run

Long-running tests require continuous monitoring so that they run as expected and provide correct results. Due to various reasons, sometimes the tests start failing but continue to run till it completes. In such cases, you might want to adopt different techniques such as changing the number of virtual users, changing the rate of the run, or changing the log level to achieve the desired results. You can also stop the test run.

About this task

You can monitor the run for VU Schedule, Rate Schedule, Compound Tests, and AFT Suites. For Compound Tests, the only action available is to stop the run.


  1. Start a test run from the Execution page.
  2. Go to the Progress page. When the status of the run changes to Running, from the Actions column, click Monitor Test.

    Moniter test

    The Statistics report opens.

  3. From the Running menu, select an appropriate action.