Integration with Azure DevOps

When you use Azure DevOps for continuous integration and continuous development of your application, you can run tests created for your application and available in a project on HCL OneTest Server, in Azure DevOps pipelines by using the HCL OneTest Studio extension.


You can use the HCL OneTest Studio extension to integrate HCL OneTest Server with Azure DevOps.

The HCL OneTest Studio extension enables you to select any type of test available for your project in HCL OneTest Server that you can add to your task for the job in the Azure DevOps pipelines.

You must have created the tests in the desktop clients and committed the test assets and test resources to a remote repository. The remote repository must be added to the project.

Depending on the type of tests you want to perform on your application, you must have created any or all of the following types of tests in the desktop clients for the application you are testing:
Type of test Desktop client
  • Accelerated Functional Testing suites
  • Compound tests

HCL OneTest UI

  • Test Suite


  • Compound tests
  • VU Schedule
  • Rate Schedule

HCL OneTest Performance

You can now follow the tasks listed in the task flow table to integrate HCL OneTest Server with Azure DevOps. See Task flow for integrating Azure DevOps.