Example: Running a new HCL OneTest API V10.0.2 API Suite without stubs, user libraries, or secrets on HCL OneTest Server

In this example, you run a new HCL OneTest API V10.0.2 API Suite on HCL OneTest Server and see the results. The API Suite does not use user libraries, stubs, or secrets.

For an example of running an existing V10.0.0 API Suite with stubs and user libraries on HCL OneTest Server, see the related links.

Before you begin

You must have installed and configured the HCL OneTest Server and HCL OneTest API V10.0.2. HCL OneTest API V10.0.2 must be configured to use Git source control management.

In HCL OneTest API V10.0.2, you must have a project that is checked into a Git repository with an API Suite that runs successfully.

If you are a new user, you must first sign up with HCL OneTest Server by completing a form that specifies user information such as an email, user name and password, then you can log in by using that information. See Default user administration.

About this task

In HCL OneTest Server, you create a server project and configure it to access a Git repository that contains an API V10.0.2 API Suite, run that API Suite, and see its results.

Server projects are different from HCL OneTest API projects. The server project references one or more HCL OneTest API projects that are stored in a Git repository. Each HCL OneTest API project is a directory structure of files that can be checked into a source control repository such as Git.


  1. Log in by entering HCL OneTest Server URL in a browser. For example, https://<fully-qualified-dns-name>:443. The Home page is displayed where you create your project.
  2. Create a public project, which is the default. Enter a name and description for the project.

    Create a project

  3. Add the Git repository that contains the API Suite:
    1. From the Repositories tab, add the Git repository URI, which in this example uses SSH authentication.
    2. To provide credentials, click the Expand icon Expand Git credentials and enter the required SSH key.

      Add a repository to the project

    Your existing repository is downloaded to HCL OneTest Server so that it can be accessed.

    The repository is cloned

    A project exists and is configured to access your Git repository that contains the API Suite that you want to run.

  4. Open the Execution page to see a list of test assets in the repository. This example includes a single API Suite in the repository. If you had many test assets in the repository, you could use the search option to filter the list. Run the API Suite. Click the Run icon Execute icon.

    Execute suite

  5. On the Schedule page, you can choose to run the API Suite now, which is the default or schedule it to run later. In this example, schedule it to run now and click Execute to start the run.

    Execute suite now

  6. Open the Progress page to see the status of the API Suite as it runs.

    Check the progress of the executing suite

    When the API Suite completes running, you can view the API Suite results.

    Suite execution completes

  7. Open the Results page to see the API Suite results.

    View the suite results

    You can see the results were successful.

    View the suite results

    If the server project was configured with a results database, you can access the Functional Report and see the result details in HCL Quality Server.

What to do next

You can run an existing V10.0.0 API Suite with stubs and user libraries on HCL OneTest Server. For details, see the related links.