Configuration of Jira

You can configure Jira to a server project on HCL OneTest Server to create defects for the tests that are available in the project after the test run is complete.


You must have completed the following tasks:
  • Been assigned a project Owner role of the project where the test resources are available to configure Jira.
  • Created a project and added the remote repository to the project to make the tests available on HCL OneTest Server.
  • Installed Jira on your computer. For more information about installing Jira, refer to Installing Jira software.


After you install Jira on your computer, you must add the URL of Jira server to your project on HCL OneTest Server. You must then complete the following tasks to configure Jira for your project on HCL OneTest Server:
  1. Generate public key and consumer key on HCL OneTest Server. See Generating public and consumer keys.
  2. Configure Jira on HCL OneTest Server. See Configuring the Jira server.