Publishing a dataset

When you create or edit any datasets in HCL OneTest Server, you can publish your changes to the Git repository. Therefore, when you publish a dataset, other members in the project can use your dataset in their test assets run, if required.

Before you begin

You must have created, edited, or deleted dataset assets in HCL OneTest Server.

About this task

The Changes page lists dataset assets that are modified. You can publish all datasets or a single dataset listed in the Changes page to the Git repository by selecting the appropriate checkboxes.


HCL OneTest Server processes one publish request at a time. Therefore, when multiple users attempt to publish the same dataset, the request that reaches first from the users is processed. The other users receive an error message, and they are unable to publish.

When you modify the dataset and publish it to the Git repository, the other members who have access to that dataset can view the updated dataset.

You can also perform the following actions from the Changes page by clicking the Menu icon menu_icon.
  • Edit - If you want to make any last-minute updates to the dataset before publishing.

  • Discard - To remove the changes that you made to the dataset asset.

  • Save As - To save a copy of dataset.


  1. Go to the HCL OneTest Server URL.
  2. Enter your user name and password, and then click Login.
  3. Open your project from the HCL OneTest Server UI.
  4. Go to the Changes page, find the dataset that you want to publish.
  5. Select the checkbox that precedes the Dataset name to publish to the Git repository, and then click Publish.
  6. Enter a description for the changes made to the dataset, and then click Publish.
    A message is displayed for successful pushing of changes to the Git repository.


You have published the modified dataset into the Git repository.