Task flow: Test runs and results in HCL OneTest Server

You can use the task flow diagram to get started with HCL OneTest Server. After you install the software, you can complete the tasks in sequence to run test assets in HCL OneTest Server and view and analyze the test results.

You can click the links to get more information about the tasks. The diagram also provides the tasks to be performed by personas. HCL OneTest Server supports user roles.

Diagram of the task flow about working with the server.Default user administrationTest assets and a server projectAdding a projectAdding repositories to a server projectProtecting API test assets by using secretsManaging an encrypted datasetAdding users to a server projectAdding an agent to a projectTests configurations and test runsResource Monitoring serviceTest resultsAn overview of test assets, modifications, and scheduled runs

Task flow: HCL OneTest Server access from desktop clients

You can use the task flow diagram to help you access the server from the different desktop clients to retrieve secrets, publish reports, or enable resource monitoring agents. You can perform these tasks after you install and set up the server.
Diagram of the task flow to access the server from desktop clients.Managing access to HCL OneTest ServerManaging access to HCL OneTest ServerTest results and reports overviewTest results and reports overviewTest results and reports overviewRetrieving secretsManaging access to HCL OneTest ServerConfiguring HCL OneTest Performance AgentEnablement of Resource Monitoring services for a schedule