Viewing license details

You can find information about the number of licenses configured, licensed users, or details of the license server on the License Configuration page.

Before you begin

The server administrator must have configured the licenses on HCL OneTest Server.

About this task

You as a licensed user can create projects or use the other features in HCL OneTest Server only after the server administrator has configured the licenses. If you are not a licensed user, you cannot view or perform any operations on HCL OneTest Server.


  1. Log in to HCL OneTest Server.
    The Projects page of the initial Team Space is displayed.
  2. Click Manage > Licenses.

    The License Configuration page is displayed with the following license information:

    • The number of named user licenses that are currently in use

    • The URL and ID of OneTest License Server

    • Whether the self-acquisition of named user licenses option is enabled or disabled

    • The name and email ID of the users that are configured as named users by the administrator