Setting up a secure remote Docker host computer

You must set up a computer to host the remote Docker host. You can set up the remote host with a secure mode of connection with HCL OneTest Server by using certificates issued by the remote host computer that authenticate the connection.

Before you begin

You must have identified a remote computer or VM that has a minimum of 16 GB RAM. You must have installed Ubuntu V18.04 or later, on the remote computer.

You must have installed Docker Community Edition V18.09 or later. For instructions, refer to Get Docker Engine.

Note: For the remote Docker host to be reached in a safe manner through the network, you can enable TLS by specifying the tlsverify flag and by pointing the tlscacert flag of the remote Docker host to a trusted CA certificate. Refer to Protect the Docker daemon socket.

You must have the entitlement key that is required for you to connect to the Harbor repository to be able to pull in the software image to the remote Docker host.

About this task

You must set up a remote computer or a Virtual Machine (VM) on which you want to set up the remote Docker host. You must be a system administrator or get the remote Docker host set up by a system administrator. You must ensure that the system administrator completes the following actions:
  • Enables SSH.
  • Creates user credentials for you with root permissions.
  • Provides the name of the Docker container.
  • Provides the IP address of the remote Docker host computer.


Perform the following steps as a user with root permissions or ask the system administrator to complete the following steps:
  1. Open a terminal and connect to the remote Docker host by using an SSH tool by running the following command:

    ssh root@<IP_address_of_remote_host>

  2. Log in to HCL Software’s Harbor container registry by running the following command:

    sudo docker login -u <username> -p <password>

    Note: You must provide the following username and password in the command to log in to the registry:
    • Username as email address registered with HCL
    • Password as Harbor CLI secret
  3. Run the following commands to pull the product images from the registry on to the remote Docker host computer:
    Note: You must pull in the images with the version which is the same as the version of HCL OneTest Server that you use to run the tests.
    • sudo docker pull<image_identifier>
    • sudo docker pull<image_identifier>


You have set up the remote Docker host computer that can be accessed in a secure mode.

What to do next

You can optionally, set up a non-secure remote Docker host. See Setting up a remote Docker host computer.

You can register the remote Docker host on HCL OneTest Server. See Registering a remote Docker host with HCL OneTest Server.