Removing a remote Docker host from a project

You can delete a remote Docker host that you added to your project in HCL OneTest Server when you no longer need it to run tests.

Before you begin

You must have completed the following tasks:
  1. Set up the remote Docker host computer. See Setting up a remote Docker host computer or Setting up a secure remote Docker host computer.
  2. Registered the remote Docker host with HCL OneTest Server. See Registering a remote Docker host with HCL OneTest Server.
  3. Added the registered Docker host to a project. See Adding a remote Docker host to the project for running tests.


  1. Log in to HCL OneTest Server.

    The My Projects page is displayed.

  2. Click Manage > Infrastructure in the navigation pane.

    The Infrastructure page is displayed.

    You can view the agents, intercepts or Dockers that are added to your project.

  3. You can view the Dockers that you own in any of the following ways:
    • Search for the Docker by entering the name of the Docker host in the Search field.
      Note: You can enter either the full name or any text that is in the name. The search is enabled for case sensitive text that you can enter.
    • Sort the Type column to sort the items and then identify the Docker by the name displayed.
    • Sort the Agents column to sort the items and identify the Docker by the owner.
    You can view the following details about the Dockers that are registered with HCL OneTest Server:
    • The projects to which the Docker host is added, are displayed in the Projects column.
    • The status of the Docker host is displayed in the Status column.
  4. Identify the Docker host that you want to delete, and then click the Remove docker host icon Image of the delete icon..
    Note: The Image of the delete icon icon is displayed in the Actions column in the row of the Docker only if you own the remote Docker host.

    A message is displayed that the Docker host is removed from the project successfully.


You have deleted the remote Docker host from your project. The remote Docker host is no longer available as a location while configuring a test run in your project.

What to do next

You might have to add a remote Docker host to your project to use the remote Docker host as a location to run tests.