License management

You as a server administrator can configure and manage licenses. As a licensed user you can only view the details of the licenses configured. If you are not a licensed user you cannot view or perform any operations on HCL OneTest Server.

When you log in to HCL OneTest Server after you install the server software, you can encounter the following conditions:

  • The No licenses configured dialog box is displayed.

  • The No licenses configured dialog box is displayed if you click Manage > Licenses.

  • The New Project button is disabled.

Depending on your privileges you can perform the following tasks in HCL OneTest Server:

Privileges Tasks More information
Server administrator Read about licensing on HCL OneTest Server. Licensing overview
Configure licenses. Configuring named user licenses
Configure named users.
Remove or replace named users. Removing or replacing named users
Licensed user Perform tasks or operations in a Team Space. Tasks or operations in a Team Space
Viewing details about licenses. Viewing license details