Dockers overview

You can find information about the remote Docker hosts that you must install on remote computers and register them with HCL OneTest Server. After the remote Dockers are registered you can add them to your projects and then select them as the locations to run tests.

When you plan to run any of the tests on a remote Docker host from a project on HCL OneTest Server, you must have completed the following tasks:
You can run all the tests that are supported on HCL OneTest Server on remote Docker hosts.
Important: You can run virtual services only in the Default Cluster location of HCL OneTest Server. You cannot run virtual services on a remote Docker host.
If you plan to run API Suites that use a transport and the transport requires third-party application Jar files for a successful run on a remote Docker host, then you must perform the following task:

You can review the tasks that you can perform to manage Dockers. See Task flow for working with remote Docker hosts.