Generating test data by using multiple schemas

When you have multiple schemas generated by external resources in HCL OneTest Data, then you can generate the test data by using multiple schemas.

Before you begin

You must have completed the following tasks:
  • Logged into HCL OneTest Server.
  • Installed any JDBC supported database, such as Oracle, MySQL, and so on.

About this task

To generate the test data for multiple schemas, you must create tables in a database that are supported by the JDBC connection. After establishing the JDBC connection between the database and HCL OneTest Data, you must generate multiple schemas in HCL OneTest Data. You can then select multiple schemas for which you want to generate the test data and view the structure of all the selected schemas with the representation of their relationships with each other.

The output formats that are supported in HCL OneTest Data for the generation of test data for multiple schemas by using referential integrity are CSV, Excel, and Native. You can also insert the generated test data into the database by using the JDBC connection.


You must perform the following tasks in sequence to generate the test data in HCL OneTest Data for multiple schemas:

  1. Create a sample schema in a database.
  2. Establish a JDBC connection with HCL OneTest Data.
  3. Generate a schema in HCL OneTest Data.
  4. Define properties of schemas.
  5. Select multiple schemas.
  6. Generate test data for selected schemas.


The test data is generated successfully by using multiple schemas simultaneously in HCL OneTest Data.