Inserting the generated test data in a database

After you generate the schema from the configured database in HCL OneTest Data, you can directly insert the generated test data in the database.

Before you begin

You must have generated the schema by using the database. See Generating a schema in the database.


  1. Select the schema that you generated with the following name from the Schema tab:


  2. Click the menu of the group type of the schema and select Structure.

    You can view the list of all item types associated with the selected group type in the structure view.

  3. Click the menu for all the item types to set the property as Set Required, and then click Save.
    Note: If you have a numeric item type, you must set Min size (digits) and Max size (digits) properties.

    For example, when you select Integer as Presentation then you can set the Min size (digits) as 1 and the Max size (digits) as 9.

  4. Select the group type in the Dictionary dialog box and click Generate Data from the menu.

    The Generate Data dialog box is displayed.

  5. Select the Connection option and provide values for the Number of records and Numeric Seed Value.
  6. Select the connection type from the list, and then click OK.


You have successfully inserted the generated test data from HCL OneTest Data in the JDBC supported database.

What to do next

You can click the Jobs tab to view the status of the job. The tooltip of the job displays the following details:
  • URL of the connection.

  • Name of the table.

  • Schema name from which the test data is generated.


You cannot download the generated test data from the Jobs page because the test data is written to the configured database and is not available in HCL OneTest Data.

You can log in to the configured database to view the generated test data.