Retrieval of schema details

When you want to perform any operation on a schema, you must know certain details about that schema. You can retrieve the details of a specific schema by using the GET method.


You must have the following information before you retrieve the schema details:

REST API request

To retrieve the information about a specific schema, you must use the request with the following attributes:

Request attributes Request parameters
HTTP method GET
Endpoint https://{OneTest_Server}/onetest-data/rest/v1/otd/projects/{project_id}/schemas/{schema_id}
Authorization Yes
Request body Null

Response code

You can view the following response after you run the request:
HTTP response code Response example

Error codes

The following table lists the error codes that can generate on the failure of the request:
HTTP error codes Response examples
401 (Invalid Token)
  "messages":["Invalid token."]
401 (Session Expired)
  "messages":["Session expired."]
  "messages":["A schema with id 5f141c681846b5009d92f9a0 does not exist in project 1150."]

Example of the cURL command

You can also use the following cURL command to retrieve the details of a specific schema of your HCL® OneTest Data project:

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json;charset=utf-8" -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxxx"