Commands used in HCL OneTest Data

When you want to view the list of HCL OneTest Data pods and to manage each of these pods, you can run kubectl commands on an SSH console.

The following table provides you the list of commands that you can use to manage the pods:

Commands Purpose Examples
kubectl get pods Shows the list of all pods with the status of each pod. -
kubectl get configmaps Shows the list of all configuration files. -
kubectl exec -it <podname> bash Helps to access the pod. kubectl exec -it {my-ots}-data-app -o bash
kubectl edit configmap -n <namespace> <configmapName> -o yaml Edits the configuration file. kubectl edit configmap -n test-system {my-ots}-data-config -o yaml
kubectl delete pod <podname> Deletes and restart the pod. kubectl delete pod {my-ots}-data-app-o
kubectl logs <podname> Shows the logs of any specific pod. kubectl logs {my-ots}-data-app-o