Management of virtualized services

You can find information about the tasks that you can perform on and manage the virtualized services that run on HCL OneTest Server. You can start or stop the stubs connected to HCL OneTest Server. You can view the stub usage statistics and the routing rules configured for the stubs, agents, or proxies that are connected to HCL OneTest Server.

Disclaimer: This release contains access to the virtualized services feature in HCL OneTest Server as a Tech Preview. The Tech Preview is intended for you to view the capabilities of virtualized services offered by HCL OneTest Server V10.1.2, and to provide your feedback to the product team. You are permitted to use the information only for evaluation purposes and not for use in a production environment. HCL provides the information without obligation of support and "as is" without warranty of any kind.
You must create stubs in HCL OneTest API for the following types of services, and then add the stubs to your project on HCL OneTest Server before you can run the stubs on HCL OneTest Server:
  • Stubs that utilize the WebSphere® MQ transport.
  • Stubs that utilize the HTTP transport.
  • Stubs that virtualize the Istio services.
    You can run stubs for the following types of requests received or sent by the Istio service mesh:
    • Requests received by services in the Istio service mesh.
    • Requests sent from namespaces in the Istio service mesh to external services that are not in the Istio service mesh.
Important: You can run stubs only in the Default Cluster location of HCL OneTest Server. You cannot run stubs on a remote Docker host.

After you run the stubs, you can view details of the stub usage from the Stub Usage page on HCL OneTest Server.

When stubs are created to run on agents or proxies, or have routing rules defined, and you run such stubs on HCL OneTest Server, you can view the agents, proxies or the routing rules from the Routing Rules page on the HCL OneTest Server User Interface.

Find information about the following tasks that you can perform on HCL OneTest Server: