Test run considerations for running tests on remote agents

Before you configure a test to run on a remote agent, you must read the considerations you must take into account.

You can run the following tests on a remote agent:
  • AFT Suite
  • Compound Tests that contains performance tests
  • Compound Tests that contains Web UI tests
  • Compound Tests that contains traditional HTML tests
  • Rate Schedule
  • VU Schedule
When you plan to run any of the tests on a remote agent from a project on HCL OneTest Server, you must complete the following tasks:
  • Install the agent V10.0.2 or later.
  • Start the agent on which you want to run an AFT Suite as a non-admin user. Ensure that you have write permissions for the majordomo.config file.
  • Configure the agent with your offline user token to connect to HCL OneTest Server. The agent can be connected to both the server and desktop clients.
Before you add the tests to the remote repository, ensure that you have completed the following tasks:
  • Associated the agents with the performance schedule in HCL OneTest Performance.
  • Specified the host name of the remote workstation in the AFT XML file.

You must add the remote agents to your project on HCL OneTest Server. See Adding an agent to the project for running tests.