Editing configurations of a remote Docker host

You can edit the host name or the port of the registered Docker host computer instead of registering it as a new remote host if any of the parameters are changed on the remote host computer. You can also change the mode of authentication of a registered remote Docker host.

Before you begin

You must have completed the following tasks:
  1. Set up the remote Docker host computer. See Setting up a remote Docker host computer or Setting up a secure remote Docker host computer.
  2. Registered the remote Docker host with HCL OneTest Server. See Registering a remote Docker host with HCL OneTest Server.


  1. Log in to HCL OneTest Server.
  2. Click the User icon Image of the user icon. on the menu bar and select Docker Hosts.

    The Manage docker hosts dialog box displays the registered remote Docker hosts.

  3. Modify the Docker host by clicking the Edit docker host icon Image of the edit icon..

    The Update docker host dialog box is displayed.

  4. Enter the changed value of the host name or the port in Remote hostname text box.
  5. Change the mode of authentication, if required:
    • To change from a non-secure mode to a secure mode, select the Secure mode option. Click the action labels to browse and select the .pem files that correspond to ca_certificate.pem, client_certificate.pem, and client_key.pem.
      Note: You must have generated the .pem files on the remote host computer and copied the files to your local drive.
    • To change from a secure mode to a non-secure mode, clear the Secure mode option.
  6. Click Test connection to test whether a connection is established between HCL OneTest Server and the remote host computer:
    • On a successful connection, a message is displayed.
    • On a failure to connect to the remote host computer, an error message is displayed. You must resolve the error and reattempt to establish a successful connection.
  7. Click Update.

    The remote Docker host with the updated details is displayed.


You have updated the registered remote Docker host with the changed parameters.

What to do next

You can now add the updated Docker host to your project.