Canceling a test data generation job

After initiating a test data generation job, if you want to modify the schema or terminate the job before the job completes, then you can cancel the running test data generation job.

Before you begin

You must have a test data generation job in the In Progress status.

About this task

You can cancel only one test data generation job at a time. You can view the details of API endpoints of the canceled job on the API History page. Later, if you want to reuse the same schema to generate the test data, you must select Regenerate Job to regenerate the test data. However, you cannot download the test data of the canceled job.

Note: You can hover the cursor over the job to view the details of the member who canceled the job along with the timestamp.


  1. Go to the Jobs page and select the test data generation job that you want to cancel.
  2. Click Cancel Job from the menu of the selected job.

    A notification is displayed that the selected job is canceled.


You successfully canceled the running job. The canceled job appears on the Jobs page with the status as Canceled.

What to do next

You can modify the schema by using the schema designer and generate the test data.