Running compound tests

When you run a compound test, its test elements are run in the order defined in the compound test.

About this task

When you run a compound test, you are prompted to open the Test Execution perspective, in which details of the test run are displayed. When the test run is complete, the Test Log displays the run results.

Prior to 9.2, text execution would terminate on a fatal exception in any of the tests in a compound test. Starting from 9.2, there is a new preference to allow text execution for a compound test to continue after a fatal exception in one of the tests. To set the preference, see Window > Preferences > Test > Test Execution > Error handling > UI Fatal Error.


  1. In the Test Navigator, select the compound test to run.
  2. Click the Run As icon on the toolbar. The test runs. To run a launch configuration option, click the arrow beside the Run As icon and select Run Configuration. Select a configuration option and run the test.
    The Confirm Perspective Switch dialog box is opened, prompting you to switch to the Test Execution perspective. Click Yes.
  3. Select an option to run the test.
    The Test Execution perspective is opened and the test runs. On completion, the test log is displayed.


You can work with the test log by exporting it into a flat file.