Adding tests into a compound test

After creating a compound test, you can add the smaller test pieces that contribute to the larger workflow you are constructing with the compound test. When you run a compound test, each of the tests added to it are invoked in the sequence defined.

You can add many tests of the same type, or different types, to a compound test, depending on the testing requirements.

To add tests to a compound test, complete these steps:
  1. In the Test Navigator, double-click the compound test to which you want to add a test. The contents of the compound test are shown in the Compound Test Contents panel in the Compound Test editor.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Add to add a test as the first element in the compound test.
    • To insert a test before a specific element in the compound test, select the element and click Insert.
    The Select Tests dialog box is opened, and the tests found in the Eclipse Client workspace are displayed.
  3. Select the test you want to add to the Compound test, and click OK. The test is added to the compound test, and is displayed as part of the elements of the compound test in the Compound Test Contents panel. When you click the test you added, its details are displayed in the Compound Test Element Details panel in the Compound Test editor.
  4. Save your changes.
In addition to the tests that you can add to a compound test, you can also add the following elements to construct the workflow you need:
  • Comments to document the test
  • Delays in the test
  • Synchronization points
  • Loops
  • Transaction folders
  • Parts of the test that are mandatory
  • Tests to be run in random order