Monitoring response time breakdown

You can use response time breakdown to see statistics on any page element that is captured while running a test schedule or imported from historical data.

Response time breakdown is a type of application monitoring that shows how much time was spent in each part of the system under test as the system was exercised. The response time breakdown view is associated with a page element (URL) from a particular execution of a test or schedule. This view shows the "insides" of the system under test, because the data collection mechanisms are on the systems under test, not the load drivers. Response time breakdown provides information down to the Java EE method level for applications that are running on IBM® WebSphere® Application Server or BEA WebLogic Server, as well as calls from Java EE methods to plain old Java objects (POJOs).

You can collect response time breakdown data from HTTP and SOA tests. Response time breakdown does not apply to other protocols, such as SAP.

Typically, you capture response time breakdown in real time in development, or test, environments, rather than production environments. To capture response time breakdown data, you must enable it in a test or schedule and configure the amount of data to be captured.

The data collection infrastructure collects response time breakdown data. Each application server on which the application runs and from which you want to collect data must have the data collection infrastructure installed and running. In addition, each application server must be configured, or instrumented, to use the data collection infrastructure. See the installation guide to learn more about installing the data collection infrastructure.

HCL OneTest Performance provides limited ability to collect response time breakdown data. You can collect response time breakdown data for up to four processor cores on one application tier. For enhanced response time breakdown collection, contact your account representative to learn more about HCL Application Performance Analyzer.

Note: HCL Application Performance Analyzer is a version of HCL OneTest Performance that is licensed for extended response time breakdown data collection. To install, configure, or use HCL Application Performance Analyzer, follow the documentation for HCL OneTest Performance.