Monitoring resource data

Resource Monitoring is used to capture data, such as processor or memory usage, while running a test schedule. It can provide a comprehensive view of a system under test, to help identify issues. You can monitor data sources from a local or cloud schedule, or from a Service.

To use Resource Monitoring, you must enable Resource Monitoring in the test schedule and add data sources. There are two options to monitor data sources from the schedule editor:
  • Monitoring data sources that are available in the local schedule or the cloud schedule, you must enable resource monitoring from the workbench to use the data sources of the local or cloud schedule.
  • Monitoring data sources from a Service, you must enable this option to connect the workbench with the server on which the Resource Monitoring Service is installed.
By default, this is HCL OneTest Server' s URL that is entered in the preferences but it can be changed for another URL if the data sources must be monitored from another server.