Resource Monitoring Service

When you apply load to a system under test, the system's resources are consumed increasingly. If the capacity of the resources does not match the load, you will notice performance degradation in the results. With the Resource Monitoring Service, you can continually observe the health of the system's resources.

To monitor a remote system under test, you can install an agent on that system. For testing, you would need many machines. For example, you might have one machine with the application server, another machine with the database server, and some machines to apply the user load. Due to network or firewall issues, sometimes, it becomes difficult for multiple machines to connect to each other. Resource Monitoring Agents are installed on the target machines so that they can establish a connection with HCL OneTest Server to gather resource statistics of the target host.

The agent always initiates the connection with the Resource Monitoring Service. Also, to monitor the resources, you must first add them to the Resource Monitoring Service web UI. For example, if you want to view the throughput, requests rate, and CPU usage of the Apache server, you must add it as a data source. For more information about Resource Monitoring Agents and Services, see HCL OneTest Server documentation.