Comparing schedule stages

When you are running a A schedule, in this context, is used to refer to both VU Schedule and Rate Schedule. that contains stages, time ranges are automatically created for each stage. You can view a report that compares these stages, and you also can set preferences to display the report automatically at the end of a staged run.

About this task

In addition to comparing stages, you can add time ranges and compare them. To view the compare report automatically at the completion of a run, click Window > Preferences > Test > Performance Test Reports, and select Launch Compare report when staged run completes.


  1. Open the run that consists of stages.
    By default, reports are displayed for the entire run.
  2. Click the Entire Run menu Entire run and select the stages to compare.
    Both the running and completed stages show up in the list.
  3. To add a new time range, click Add Add in the Entire run menu.
  4. In the Time Range dialog box, specify a name, start time, and end time of the run and click Apply.
    Note: When you compare stages in a run, you cannot compare data from various geographies at the same time.