Viewing errors while running tests

To view errors and other events while a test is running, use the Execution Event Console view. If problems occur in a test run, you can examine the Execution Event Console view to determine whether to stop or continue the test.


  1. Open the Execution Event Console view by clicking Window > Show View > Execution Event Console.
  2. In the Execution Event Console view, click the Filters toolbar button in the upper, right corner.
    The Event Console Configuration window opens.
  3. Select the types of messages and verdicts to display in the event console, and then click OK.
    You can also limit the number of events that are displayed per user and per run, and you can limit events to specific user groups or agent computers (locations). To configure other settings for the event console, click Settings.
  4. Run performance tests as you normally do.
  5. While a test is running, double-click an event in the Execution Event Console view to open the Event Details window.
    1. To change the order in which events are listed, click the View Menu toolbar button, and then select Group By.
  6. To load events from the test log, ensure that the Test Log view is open and in the Console view, click the Load Test Log Events icon Load Test Log Events.