Creating a project

The tests that you create, and the assets associated with the tests, reside in a project on your desktop. You can create the project separately, or you can simply record a test, which automatically creates a project named testproj.


  1. Select File > New > Performance Test Project or .
    The Create a Project window opens.
  2. In the Project Name field, type a name for the project.
    If you plan to collect response time breakdown data, do not use a project name that contains spaces.
  3. Select Use default location.
  4. Optional: Click Next and select the folders to create in the new project. These folders organize your files by asset (Tests, Results, and so on).
  5. Click Finish.

    After you click finish, you are prompted to record a test. You can create a test from a new recording or from an existing recording, or just click Cancel to create a test project without recording a test.