Testing software components

The test features provided with HCL OneTest Embedded allow you to submit your application to a robust test campaign. Each feature uses a different approach to the software testing problem, from the use of test drivers stimulating the code under test, to source code instrumentation testing internal behavior from inside the running application.

  • Component Testing for C and Ada performs black box or functional testing of software components independently of other units in the same system.

  • Component Testing for C++ uses object-oriented techniques to address embedded software testing.

  • System Testing for C is dedicated to testing message-based applications.

These test features each use a dedicated scripting language for writing specialized test cases.HCL OneTest Embedded test features can also be used together with any of the runtime analysis tools.

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Black-box or functional testing of C software components independently of other units in the same system. Component Testing for C and Ada
Using object-oriented techniques to test your C++ code Component Testing for C++
Testing message-based applications written in C System Testing for C

To use a component test feature:

Here is a rundown of the main steps to using the HCL OneTest Embedded test features:

  1. Set up a new project in HCL OneTest Embedded. This can be done automatically with the New Project Wizard.
  2. Follow the Activity Wizard to add your application source files to the workspace.
  3. Select the source files under test with the Test Generation Wizard to create a test node. The Wizard guides you through process of selecting the right test feature for your needs.
  4. Develop the test cases by completing the automatically generated test scripts with the corresponding script language and native code.

  5. Use the Project Explorer to set up the test campaign and add any additional runtime analysis or test nodes.
  6. Run the test campaign to builds and execute a test driver with the application under test.
  7. View and analyze the generated test reports.

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