Building and Running a Node

You build and execute workspace nodes by using the Build button on the Build toolbar. The build process compiles, links, deploys, executes, and then retrieves results. However, you first have to specify the various build options.

You can use the Build command to execute any application node, as well as a single specific source file, a group node or even the whole project.

Note When you run the Build command, all open files are saved. This means that any unsaved changes will actually be taken into account for the build.

Before building a node:

  1. Select the correct Configuration for your target in the build toolbar.

  2. Exclude any temporarily unwanted nodes from the build.

  3. Select the build options for each particular node.

  4. If necessary, clean up files left by any previous executions by clicking the Clean button.

To build and execute the node:

  1. From the Build toolbar, click the Build button.

  2. During run-time, the Build Clock indicates the execution time and the green LED flashes. The Project Explorer displays a check mark next to each item to mark progression of the build process.

  3. When the build process is finished, you can view the related test reports.

Note If you are running a component test node containing multiple test scripts on the same source file, the test will run correctly but the results from the last compiled test will overwrite the previous ones. Only the results from the last test will be available.

To stop the execution:

  1. If you want to stop the execution of a node before it finishes, or if the application does not stop by itself, click the Stop Build/Execution button.

Note You can save the content of your build log (compilation, command options, all traces...) in a file so that you can send it to the support if you encounter any problem. To do so, in the main toolbar, click Project > Save build log. Then, enter a file name in the window that opens to save the content of the log. To get more details in the log file, it is recommended to enable the verbose output preference. From the main toolbar, click Edit > Preferences and click to enable the Verbose output option.

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