Exporting reports to HTML

You can export the following Test and Runtime Analysis reports to HTML.

  • Memory Profiling

  • Performance Profiling

  • Code Coverage

  • Static Metrics

  • Component Testing for C and Ada

  • Component Testing for C++

  • System Testing for C

There are two methods of exporting to HTML, depending on whether you are viewing the report in a loaded project or you are viewing the report as a standalone document.

To export a report to HTML:

  1. Open the report:
    • If the report is in a project, open the project in _HCL OneTestâ„¢ Embedded and select a report in the Project Browser.

    • If the report is not in a project, open the report with the studioreport command line. This automatically creates a project.

  2. Select File > Export project report in HTML file format.
  3. Choose between exporting the entire project (all the report files contained in the project) or only the selected report.
  4. Select the type of report to export (only if you have selected the entire project) and the directory where you want the HTML files to be generated.
  5. Click Export.

Note The Generate HTML menu option in the report viewer menu is no longer supported.

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