Editor preferences

The Preferences dialog box allows you to change the appearance of the source code and scripts in the text editor.


  • Font: This allows you to change the general font type and size for Editor.

  • Global Colors: This is where you select background colors for text categorized as Normal, Information or Error as well as the general background color. Click a color to open a standard color palette.

  • Autodetect parenthesis and bracket mismatch - When this option is selected, the Error color is used when the Editor detects a missing bracket "[]" or parenthesis "()".

  • Tabulation length: This specifies the tabulation length, which is equivalent to a number of inserted spaces.

Syntax Colors

  • Elements: This list allows you to select one or several styles that you want to change. To change several styles at the same time, you can perform multiple selections in the style list.

  • Text Color: This allows you to change the foreground and background colors for the selected style. This opens a standard color palette.

  • Text Attributes: This allows you to set the selected style to Bold, Italic, Underlined or Dashed.

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