Creating a new project

When HCL OneTest Embedded starts, the Start Page offers to either open an existing project or create a new project. The New Project wizard creates a brand new project.

To create a new project:

  1. From the Start Page, select New Project. If you want to use a project template as the basis for your project, selectNew Project from Template.

  2. In the Project Name, enter a name for the project.

  3. In the Location box, change the default directory if necessary and click Next to continue.

  4. Select one or several Target Deployment Ports for the new project.

The Wizard creates a Configuration based on each selected Target Deployment Port. Later, when working with the project, any changes are made to the Configuration Settings, not to the Target Deployment Port itself.

  1. Click the Set as Active button to set the current TDP. The active port is the default Configuration to be used in your project.

  2. Click Finish.

Once your project has been created, the wizard opens the Activities page.

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