Probe Control Settings

The Probe Control settings are part of the Configuration Settings dialog box, which allows you to configure settings for each node.

By default, the settings of each node are inherited from those of the parent node. When you override the settings of a parent node, changes are propagated to all child nodes within the same Configuration. Overridden fields are displayed in bold.

Probe Control Settings

  • Probe enable: This setting enables or disables the Trace Probe feature as implemented with System Testing for C. See Trace Probes.

  • Probe settings: These settings allow you to select the Trace Probe output mode. See Trace Probe output modes.

  • USER custom files directory: Specifies the location of the user-defined probecst.c and probecst.h files when the USER output mode is selected. See Customizing the USER output mode.

  • Message definition files: Use the Add and Remove buttons to create a list of message definition files. These are source files that define the structure declarations required by Virtual Testers.

  • Script generation flags: Use this setting to send command line arguments to the Probe Processor for generating a .pts test script for use with System Testing for C. See Traces Probes and System Testing for C.

  • Compress trace data:

  • Trace data buffer size (bytes):

  • On-the-fly tracing:

  • On-the-fly tracing buffer size (bytes):

To edit the Probe Control settings for a node:

  1. In the Project Explorer, click the Settings button.

  2. Select a node in the Project Explorer pane.

  3. In the Configuration Settings list, select Probe Control.

  4. When you have finished, click OK to validate the changes.

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