Performance Profiling settings

The Performance Profiling settings are part of the Runtime Analysis node of the Configuration Settings dialog box, which allows you to configure settings for each node.

By default, the settings of each node are inherited from those of the parent node. When you override the settings of a parent node, changes are propagated to all child nodes within the same Configuration. Overridden fields are displayed in bold.

  • Trace file name (.tqf): This box allows you to specify a filename for the generated .tqf trace file for Performance Profiling.

  • Compute min max times: This setting specifies whether you want to record minimum and maximum function execution times. By default this setting is disabled because the option can use a large amount of memory, which may cause issues on embedded systems.

To edit the Performance Profiling settings for one or several nodes:

  1. In the Project Explorer, click the Settings button.

  2. Select a node in the Project Explorer pane.

  3. In the Configuration Settings list, expand Runtime Analysis and select Performance Profiling.

  4. When you have finished, click OK to validate the changes.

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