High-Speed Link

Target Deployment Technology

For Runtime Tracing On-the-Fly only.

To use the Runtime Tracing feature without a testing feature, a high-speed link between the host and target machine is required in order to take full advantage of the On-the-Fly tracing mode. This is because Runtime Tracing-instrumented code "writes a line" to the host for each entry point and exit point of every instrumented function. This means that as the application is running, a continuous flow of messages is written to the host. Understandably, a 9600 bit rate, for example, would not be sufficient for use of the Runtime Tracing feature with an entire application.

Note that the Code Coverage, Memory Profiling and Performance Profiling features store their data in static target memory, and data is only sent back to the host at specified flush points (with the Runtime Tracing feature, static memory is also flushed when it becomes full). Technically, a Memory Profiling, Performance Profiling, and Code Coverage instrumented application can run for weeks without seeing a growth in consumed memory; nothing need be sent to the host until a user-defined flush point is reached.

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