Checking with static analysis

The static analysis features of HCL OneTest Embedded allow you to measure the complexity of your source code and to check the adherence to coding guidelines.

These tools are able analyze the source code providing without compiling or running the application.

  • Static metrics provide statistic indicators of code complexity.

  • Code review performs in-depth verification of the source code against a set of rules that implement best practices, coding guidelines, and standards.

These static analysis features can be used together with any of the automated testing features and runtime analysis features.

Here is a basic rundown of the main steps to using the runtime analysis feature set.

To use the static analysis features:

  1. From the Start page, set up a new project. This can be done automatically with the New Project Wizard.

  2. Follow the Activity Wizard to add your application source files to the workspace.

  3. Select the source files under analysis in the wizard to create the application node.

  4. Select the runtime analysis tools to be applied to the application in the Build options.

  5. Use the Project Explorer to set up the test campaign and add any additional runtime analysis or test nodes.

  6. Run the application node to build and execute the instrumented application.

  7. View and analyze the generated analysis and profiling reports.

The runtime analysis options can be run within a test by simply adding the runtime analysis setting to an existing test node.

Runtime or static analysis tools do not run on System Testing nodes.

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