Trace probe macros

Trace Probes for C

Trace Probes macros allow you to manually instrument your source code under test to add message tracing capability to your test binary. This feature is only available for C.

Upon execution of the instrumented binary, the probes write trace information on the exchange of specified messages to the .rio output file.

Please refer to the section about Trace Probes for C in the User Guide for more information about using this feature.

Using Probe Macros

Before adding Trace Probe macros to your source code, add the following #include statement to each source file that will contain a probe:

#include "atlprobe.h"

The atl_start_ trace() and atl_end_trace() macros must be called respectively when the application under test starts and terminates.

Other macros must be placed in your source code in locations that are relevant for the messages that you want to trace.

Trace Probe macros