Viewing 2D and 3D charts

Use the chart viewer to display test data (initial values, expected values and obtained values) that was recorded during a run.

Before you begin

To display a chart, you must have activated the chart feature in the Check block of the test case and selected the variables to display before running the test. To configure a test case to record chart data, see Generating 2D and 3D chart data.


To display a 2D or 3D chart in the chart viewer:
  1. After running the test, right-click the test run in the test navigator and selecting Open With > Chart.
    The chart opens in the chart viewer.
  2. Click the toolbar buttons to select alternative chart types.
    The available chart types depend on the type and number of variables that were recorded during the test.
  3. If necessary, you can edit the way the data is displayed in the chart viewer.
    • Click the Data tab to display the data values that were recorded during the test.
    • Use the Outline view to hide or show data sets and change their display color.
    • If the chart is a 3D chart, you can click and drag the chart to change the view angle.
    • Click the Curve Definition button to redefine colors, axis settings and the chart type.
      Note: These settings only affect the way the recorded data is displayed in the chart viewer. It does not change the variable name and axis settings that were configured in the test case editor.
    • Click the Configure Chart button to access advanced graph display options.