Opening the Target Deployment Port Editor

Target Deployment Ports (TDP) are stored as XDP files, which can be viewed and edited with the Target Deployment Port Editor.


To open a TDP in the Target Deployment Port Editor:
  1. From the Start menu, click HCL OneTest Embedded > Target Deployment Port Editor, or from a shell or command window, type the command: tdpeditor.
  2. Click File > Open
  3. In the targets directory, select an XDP file and click Open.
  4. Save your changes and reload the TDP in HCL OneTest Embedded:
    • In HCL OneTest Embedded for Eclipse IDE, right-click the project and click Properties > C/C++ Build > Settings > TDP Build, select another TDP and select the updated TDP again. Click OK.
    • In HCL OneTest Embedded Studio, restart HCL OneTest Embedded Studio, click Project > Configuration, select the TDP, click Remove. Click New, select the updated TDP again and click OK.
To open a TDP from HCL OneTest Embedded:
  1. First you must have the Target Deployment Port view displayed in HCL OneTest Embedded. To open this view, in the toolbar associated with the HCL OneTest Embedded perspective, click Window, and select Show View > Other > HCL OneTest Embedded > Target Deployment Port.
  2. The Target Deployment Port view opens and displays the list of all the Target Deployment Ports that are installed in HCL OneTest Embedded. Select a Target Deployment Port and click the Open the Target Deployment port editor button to edit the selected Target Deployment port.
    From this view, you can also open the preferences panel and configure the Target Deployment Port search path.