Running a test harness

The test harness contains everything required to run the test.

About this task

The test harness associates the test cases with the source code and other required components to a test configuration. The test configuration is an instance of a target deployment port (TDP) with its association configuration settings.


To run a test harness:
  1. In the project explorer, in the Test Harness folder, right-click the test harness and click Run As > Run Test Harness.
  2. Alternatively, you can run a test harness from the test harness editor.
    Note: In some environments, if you have installed the product in an existing Eclipse, the test result timestamps and verdicts are not properly displayed in the package explorer. To correct this, in the project explorer, click View Menu > Customize View > Content and ensure that only Working Sets, HCL OneTest Embedded Elements, CDT Elements, and Resources are selected.
    Note: To run multiple test harnesses in a step, you must create a test suite, select the test harnesses that will be run from the test suite and then run the test suite. For more information, see Creating test suites and Running a test suite.


The Test Result folder in the Project Explorer contains the test harness result file. To open the reports, right-click the Test result, select Open with > HTML reports and select the appropriate report.