Importing C projects

You can either create a new C project with the Eclipse CDT tools or you can import your existing C source files or Eclipse projects into your HCL OneTest Embedded workspace.

About this task

HCL OneTest Embedded can only work with its own CDT managed build toolchain. Therefore, imported projects must be converted to HCL OneTest Embedded projects.


To import an existing C project:
  1. Click File > Import > General > Existing projects into workspace.
  2. Follow the wizard to import the project into the workspace.
  3. After importing, right-click the project and select Convert to HCL OneTest Embedded Project.
  4. Select the default target deployment port (TDP) for the project and click Finish.
  5. If you have not already enabled CDT indexing, click Window > Preferences > C/C++ > Indexer, select Index unused headers and click OK.


After conversion, the toolchain of the project is configured to use HCL OneTest Embedded instead of the default toolchain. If necessary, you can temporarily switch to the original toolchain in the project properties. However, you must switch back to the HCL OneTest Embedded toolchain to use HCL OneTest Embedded runtime analysis and component testing tools.
Tip: You can edit the CDT managed build toolchain to use environment variables with the UNIX notation $$. This can be useful when you are sharing projects with other users.