Creating data pools

Data pools are links to a CSV file that is either in the file system or in the workspace.

About this task

The data pool contains series of values, or data patterns, that can be used as initialization or expected values for use in a test case or the data dictionary. The data pattern can also be used to produce a 2D or 3D chart with the test results.

Data pools do not import the data contained in a CSV file. When a CSV file is updated externally, any tests that refer to the data pool will use the data contained in the updated CSV file.


To create a datapool link to a CSV file:
  1. Click File > New > Other > HCL OneTest Embedded > Data Pool.
  2. In the Create Data Pool wizard, click Browse to locate the CSV file, click Open, and click Next.
  3. Select a folder in the workspace, type a name for the new data pool, and click Finish.
    The data pool editor opens.
  4. In the data pool editor, select the Import parameters and Separator options.
    Ensure that the selected language matches the locale settings used to generate the CSV file.
  5. When the Preview area displays the correct data, save the data pool and close the editor.